• Prepare the Journey


    » Do I need a Visa for Germany?


    In order to find out whether you need a VISA for attending on FOSS4G in Germany, depends on your country of origin. On this website you find a list:


    If you come from one of the countries listed here, get in contact with the German embassy in your country. Depending on the kind of Visa you need, there might be some administratory papers you need to prepare before your visit ( http://www.germany-visa.org/ ).

    Please make sure you have everything carefully read and prepared that is mentioned on the homepage. We are able to issue an official invitation to FOSS4G if needed and which might make your way to the german VISA easier. If you request such an invitation from us, we need this information:

    - The address of the German embassy in your country

    - A copy of your passport (full name, current address, birth date,…)

    - The name of the Company/Organisation/University you work for in your country

    Make sure to order the VISA in time, as you know, official procedures are often slow-moving!

    For requests or any further information just contact us: info@foss4g2016.org


    » Government grants (Zuschüsse)

    ENPI - EU Neighbourhood Info Centre
    ENPI Belarus

    » How to get to Bonn

    by train
    by plane

    Best choice is to fly to Airport Cologne Bonn, Airport Düsseldorf or Frankfurt Airport.

    Köln/Bonn Flughafen
    Düsseldorf Airport
    Frankfurt Airport
    • Frankfurt Airport
    • From Frankfurt Flughafen you can take a train to Bonn which takes about 2 hours via Sigburg/Bonn. You can also take the train via Mainz through the Mittelrheintal during daylight to view many beautiful castles a the river Rhine.
    Long distance bus


    » Which power adapter do I need?

    You can find out here


  • Worth knowing in Bonn


    » Getting around

    Bonn has a good public transportation system. You find trains, S-Bahn, U-Bahn & busses to get you around. If you need information about the timetable you can get it from the local Verkehrsverbund VRS or from Deutsche Bahn (DB).

    » How to pay in Bonn

    Euro (€) is the currency in Germany. You find exchange offices at the big train stations (Köln, Bonn 08.00-19.00) and at the airport. You can change money in every bank.

    It is good to have some cash with you. In many places you can also pay with credit card.


    If you go in the restaurant or in a bar you should give a tip around 10% of the money you have to pay.

    » What can I experience as a tourist in and around Bonn?

    There are some information prepared for you in the building bridges menu.

  • Concerning the conference


    » How can I get to the workshop locations?

    There are two different locations for the FOSS4G workshops: Gustav-Stresemann Institut (GSI) and Deutsche Welle. The best way to reach them is with public transport. Find out at which location your workshop is in the workshop schedule and see below how you can get there.


    location: Gustav-Stresemann-Institut e.V

    Gustav-Stresemann-Institut e.V.
    Europäische Tagungs- und Bildungsstätte
    Langer Grabenweg 68
    53175 Bonn


    From Bonn central-station:

    • Trams commute every 7 minutes (tram-number 16 and 63)
    • take "U-Bahn" (underground/tram number) 16 or 63, direction Bad Godesberg
    • leave tram at "Max-Löbner-Straße" 
    • walk down "Max-Löbner-Strasse" to the end


    From Deutsche Welle:

    • walk up "Heussallee" to tram station "Heussallee/Museumsmeile"
    • take "U-Bahn" (underground/tram number) 16 or 63, direction Bad Godesberg
    • leave tram at "Max-Löbner-Straße" 
    • walk down "Max-Löbner-Strasse" to the end



    location: Deutsche Welle

    Deutsche Welle
    Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 3
    53113 Bonn


    From Bonn central-station:

    • By bus: 610 or 611 to "Deutsche Welle"
    • By tram: trams commute every 7 minutes (tram-number 16, 63 and 66)
    • take "U-Bahn" (underground/tram number) 16 ,63 or 66, direction Bad Godesberg
    • leave tram at "Heussallee/Museumsmeile" 
    • walk down "Heussallee" to the end and turn right


    From Gustav-Stresemann-institut:

    • walk up "Max-Löbner-Strasse" to tram station "Max-Löbner-Straße"
    • take "U-Bahn" (underground/tram number) 16 or 63, direction Bonn Central Station
    • leave tram at "Heussallee/Museumsmeile" 
    • walk down "Heussallee" to the end and turn right
  • Help


    » FOSS4G contact person

    If you get in trouble you always can call a person from the conference team. Call this number (tbd) and we try to help you.

    » Emergencies

    In an emergency case you should call 112!
    112 is the common emergency telephone number that can be dialed free of charge from any fixed or mobile telephone in order to reach emergency services (ambulance, fire and rescue, police).